About Me

I guess I’m your typical late comer to running. I started running roughly since I was 28 and in earnest since 2009. I run for all manner of reasons ranging from mental health to enjoyment of competition to self discovery.

Sporting history wise I was a competitive swimmer as a child and competed up to national level until the age of 13-ish. A combination of things lead me to leave the pool, but I never looked back and now only really enjoy open water swimming. It set me up for the potential solitude and the regular training, although I rebelled from that during school and took to the great outdoors– Whitewater canoeing and rodeo (yeah I said it playboaters!! It was Rodeo before all this playboating malarkey! Although I do prefer playboating as a description, it has to be said) were my main pursuits, but anything in the outdoors and I was there. This hasn’t changed every since.

My passion for running is firmly locked in the mountains. I find a sense of freedom running and that feeling is multiplied exponentially when I run in the hills or mountains – my ear to ear grin often giving it away!

My competitive side comes out whenever I toe the line. I run for Helsby and frequently find myself in the no-man’s land between the front pack and the chasing group. I race Fells, trail and mountain ultras, Mountain Marathons and I am about to give cross country a go. I’ve been fortunate to compete all over the country and even abroad at Transvulcania. I aim to learn something every time I race long and my proudest achievement was being one of the finishers atthe 2012 Dragon’s Back Race.

None of this could have been achieved without the support of my wife Laura and my two boys Rhys and James. Getting the balance right and running guilt free is the key to success, even if it does mean very early mornings… but it does mean I get to play in the woods with a head torch on so it’s not all bad!

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