Ogwen to Snowdon and Back… via the 3000 footers!

Posted on August 10, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Following on from my last video diary of my day in the mountains I decided this was the most efficient way of recording my exploits. Despite trying to improve my commentary I find that I start every one with “Okay, so..” but these things are a work in progress

I’d hoped to get out for the first time into the Rhinogs, but alas my potential running partner has been suffering with knee and hip issues which look like they will be keeping him out of action for a while longer, and probably mean he’ll need to pull out of the dragon’s back itself. I’m totally gutted for Neil, he’s one of the strongest mountain men I’ve met so far, so it’s never nice to see someone forced away from doing what they love for so long.

For ease of logistics I decided to head to Llyn Ogwen again but this time with a different plan. I decided I’d run the bottom two thirds of the Welsh 3000s and then head back down the PYG track and over the miners track back to the car. It meant an additional valley floor and some mountains I’ve not been up before – Elidir Fawr and Crib Goch; the latter being a notorious knife edge of a peak.

It was a stunning day and as it’s the school holidays there were actually a handful of people around. I was told I was clearly insane to be running up on the Glyders. I met rounds of applause for scree descents and just for looking knackered I think! Anyway, rather than rabbiting on, I’ll let the video do that for me!

I’ve decided to just stick them all together into one long video rather than a series of separate ones. Not sure if that is better or worse – if you’re bothered, let me know!

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