Oggie 8 Video Blog

Posted on August 10, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Not sure why, but this post seems to have disappeared from my site, never mind, here it is again!

Taking advantage of having a Thursday off I took a trip to Llyn Ogwen and the Oggie 8. These are the eight 3000 footers surrounding Llyn Ogwen. I was introduced to this challenge by the mountain rescue team that are based at the eastern end of the lake itself. As a charity gig they had teams competing to get around all eight. A reasonable challenge in itself the weather was foul so Nick Johnson, Kirk Williams, Andrew Gazzard, Rob Parry, Laura and myself got half way around and decided we were no longer having fun. We dropped out and went back for a free massage – it was definitely the right call!

Anyway, I took a series of videos and they tell their own story of the day – my broken memory is not a problem when I have video to remind me! This was the second attempt as a day trip out not leaving early and ensuring I got back to play with the boys before their bed. The first attempt failed due to some <cough> navigational issues <cough>

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