Freedom!!!! *again*

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

So after the incredible run with Caz I felt it would only be right to get out again on the path. Holiday is an interesting term for me these days, conjuring up images of relaxing on the beach or reading a book, taking some well earned rest. The reality is an insight into Laura’s world, a world where it is not possible to have a conversation of more than half a sentence with anybody, there is no quiet time, rather it is a world of fantasy; searching for dinosaur bones on the beach and investigating everything. Looking after the boys is fun, rewarding, but tiring, remarkably anti-social and all consuming.

Given restrictions on time and wanting to fit in with meal schedules, etc. I decided that I wouldn’t spend any of my “up to 2 hours” in the car. Setting off from Broad Haven I headed south through Little Haven and away into the delights of mother nature.

The surf was up and all the rubber people had descended on Broadhaven to make the most of their Friday night, but one lone ranger (that’s me by the way) was out to attain that feeling of being one with the elements using leg power alone. The scenery itself wasn’t a patch on the run I had been on with Caz, but it was still spectacular; especially in the lashing rain and strong gusting wind.

Running along the cliffs is just food for the soul. Through the twists and turns the coastal path reveal more of it’s beauty and to this end it’s generosity is unrivalled; the more you give, the more the path gives back. Just as my stopwatch was indicating I would need to turn around I managed to reach St. Brides which was a nice result as it always feels better to me on a run where a destination is reached.

To give an impression of the weather I got back drenched from head to toe. Mud splattered… well caked up the back of my legs. The wind on the way there had put any ideas of speed out of sight – you know you aren’t going to break any records when the wind means you’re running 2-2.5 minutes per mile slower than your normal pace on the flat! On the return leg a lack of fuel slowed me down a little and I was beaten by my hood repeatedly, but did I care? No! I got to see all the bits of the path that I hadn’t dared on the way there – Looking back on a path a foot wide is never a good plan (unless you have Jedi ankles)

The combination of the wind, the rain, the rugged beauty and the increased sea activity sending spray everywhere was just amazing. In these situations I feel very connected with nature, very free in spirit and just alive! Nothing else matters but the moment, you can try to capture it, try to relive it, but the best thing to do is just live it; be in the moment. I do this safe in the knowledge that whilst the environment won’t necessarily be the same next time, it won’t be long before the feeling is surging through me once again and I will marvel at how lucky I am to experience this freedom.

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