Epic runs

Posted on April 5, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Some days it just works. Whether it was the lack of running I’ve been doing over the past few weeks (no training, just the races) or just topping off a fantastic day out (Alnwick Castle and gardens with the family), or just getting out there and running for the love of it – any which way today was one of those days when you never want it to end.

Epic runs are like great nights out; you can’t force them, they just happen. If you try to identify the elements that make them epic and recreate them you’re missing the point. The truth is that your soul needs different things on different days and with different people. When they happen, you’ve just got to accept them for what they are and enjoy the moment.

Coming back from a fab day out in a week where Ming the Merciless has been controlling the weather (2 days ago we returned to our tent to find three inches of snow surrounding it, today I’m just shy of sunburn!) I was allowed out for a quick run. Quick was right, by the time I’d driven to the base of the Cheviot hills in the Northumberland National Park I had only 40 minute before I’d need to be back in the car so I could be back for bath time (Rhys and James’, not my own).

Sometimes 40 minutes is enough (well, 43) as I put in the intensity and relished every minute. As I type, my shoes are neatly balanced on the radiator  – a combination of snow, water and mud hopefully drying out. My route was random, up and down, steep but runable and tussock covered. Trying to invent a circular route within a set time is hard and can end in tears, but I was back home just as the boys had got to the top of the stairs to start bath time.

Big fan of the terrain here and the weather was perfect (cold, but blue skies). The potential to run ridges all day is evident in every view, the only thing one needs to avoid are the days when there the Army boys are out there training! Have to confess to stopping on top of the Green Side arms out wide and shouting “yeeeeaaahhhh!” to anybody that wanted to listen. Like I say, just one of those perfect runs…. well, if it had been a few hours longer it would have been perfect!

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