Sub 90

Posted on January 22, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

So I’ve finally done it. On an exceptionally windy day (must have been worth a good 20 minutes… ok, maybe 2 minutes :)) I officially put in a 1:28:33. After the best part of 2 months off and the last month with no running at all I’m pretty chuffed about that.

The bitter side to this is my quads and how the wheels fell off from 8 miles and were completely off by the 10 mile mark. If anything I thought I would lack the speed, but I felt pretty comfortable until 8 miles when my quads started to hurt. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t run roads or just the lack of miles in the legs, but by 10 miles I was in real pain and had shipped 1.5-2 minutes per mile on my pace.

By the time I finished I couldn’t really bend my legs to sit down. How does that work? Just 2 months ago I ran 45 miles and managed the final 3 miles in sub 7 minute miles, yet a measly 13 miles and I hardly able to move! It has certainly put the fear of God in me for the races I have coming up and correct pacing will be vital for the Hardmoor 55. More important than that is being able to get out there and get the miles in my legs. On that front things are looking up!

We’ll see tomorrow, but my ankle doesn’t seem to have swollen – I just hope I’m not speaking too soon. Of course I have had it tightly compressed and have iced it twice already, but if that’s what it takes then I’m quite happy with that.

Lesson learned from today though. Never use a pace alert! As the wheels came off and I started to struggle (about 30 people overtook me in the last 1.5 miles) all I got was a beep and I had nothing in me to turn that around. Maybe there is a mute function, but it was totally demoralising. I’d never beaten my club mate Ian on the road and despite all the people overtaking me it seemed I was going to make it. With 0.5 miles to go he passed me just as my “you’re running too slow” reminder gave its chirpy chime. There’s always next year!

Still, all in all pretty chuffed given the situation – and I have that sub 90 minute monkey off my back!

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