Running in Sunderland

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Lee Foster’s stag do (25th Feb) meant a run in unfamiliar territory for me. Heading out from Sunderland I ran the path under the bridge along side the mouth of the river and out along the coast.

Running is such a fantastic way to get comfortable with a new place. .Taking in the sights and getting a feel for how friendly the local people are as they go about their everyday lives. My acid test is to say “Morning!” to everyone and see the ratio of shocked/ quizzical looks to “Morning!”s I get in return.

The weather was superb and if we weren’t heading out I could have easily added a couple of house to my run. Mostly blue skies and a coastline always bring a warm satisfied “good to be alive” feeling. so running through seaburn was a joy.

Running out to the sea, it’s hard not to see the scars of industry, but what struck me was the architecture. Leaving Lee’s beautiful period home (rich in cornices, 11 foot plus ceilings and superb natural lighting all coming together to create an astonishing feeling of space) to then struggle to see any buildings pre-dating the 70′s was all at odds. Only later did one of the boys explain that many buildings were pulled down to make way for these ugly replacements… all in the name of progress eh! What a huge shame! Still a cracking run and much as I love Frodsham, I’d love to be close to that coast!

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