PBs and Trails

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Returning to the trails has most certainly fed my soul. I move cautiously and am concentrating harder on where I put my feet, but when you hit a section perfectly, everything just flows in a way road running can never achieve.

Much to my horror, some heavy handed trail maintenance is afoot on the top of Helsby hill. It’s removed a small amount of technicality to the descent. The horror stems from the number of trees fell which removed the shielding from the motor way a couple of hundred feet below.

Running the berms down from the top of Helsby hill is one of my favourite sections as it’s just so quick and flows together well – hitting it perfectly can’t help but make me feel like I’m really flying (speed wise). Monday’s (27th Feb) result was a really significant PB. Getting around my course sub 1:20 – a good 2 minutes quicker than previous. The following day I was just over 1:20 so something is very right.

Maybe I haven’t lost as much form as I feared I had during my lay off… top of the pops!

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