Paying the price

Posted on December 27, 2011 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Ok, so I had a fantastic Christmas in every respect… except one: my ankle. I really need to change the record here, but it’s driving me nuts and really getting me down now. As reported in my last post the run was awesome and pain free, however by Christmas lunch time my ankle had puffed up significantly.

My “all clear” from the physio was conditional. If it didn’t change my gait significantly, it didn’t hurt and it didn’t swell significantly, then crack on. Unfortunately I only managed two of the three. I’m back to the ice and the frustration. I was so frustrated I spent at least two hours cleaning my racer (not a euphemism) today. Maybe a long bike ride is what is needed to clear away the cobwebs, but I just don’t trust drivers on the roads these days so the prospect of a relaxing ride is a dream.

Next run will be on Friday for the traditional Helsby half recce. I’ll put 13 road miles in and ice regularly and see what happens. If that is ok then I guess I’m back to the slightly soul destroying road miles for the time being. 😦

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