Climbing the walls!

Posted on December 23, 2011 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

Have been climbing the walls recently needed to get out for a run. Despite the early signs of a quick recovery my ankle is still visibly swollen. I’m getting more and more irritable, the confusion is decending and the headaches returning (see running history for details). It’s not good for anybody, but…

… I’ve been given the green light for some light trail running. Still main path based and not too varied, but it means I can go for a run in the woods tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’ve got to listen to my body and alo not try to do too much too soon, but a good hour in the woods (running I must add) will clear my head and feed my soul!

Also need to find some road running trainers as the Helsby 4 villages half marathon is coming up and I want to break the 90 minute mark. I’ve done it in training, but never in a race as I only do one road race per year… this one! Time for some last minute panic training… what was that I said about listening to my body and not doing too much?  🙂

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