Physio Day 1

Posted on November 30, 2011 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

First day at physio today. I visit the 10Bridge clinic which is just on the way to Chester. I’ve been very fortunate to find a true sports physio who understands that people are going to continue to do things so he sees his role as ensuring they don’t hurt themselves further without knowing they will! Before now I’ve asked if I can continue and the sort of response has been; “Well it’ll hurt, but you aren’t going to do yourself any more damage it’ll just slow down the healing” – just the sort of advice I need.

Browsey (Mark Browse) is really practical, very clear about what’s going on and doesn’t make me feel like a total loony when I explain what I am trying to achieve/ do. For instance, today I was asked when I was next going to run on it. I replied, “Well, I’m meant to be doing a Bob Graham recce a week on Saturday” his response was all about how we get there. Perfect!

So as you can see from the previous photos, there is quite a bit of bruising and fluid on the ankle itself, but I do feel like I can run on it. The treatment now is all about getting rid of the fluid and dried blood as it is getting in the way of the healing. This translates as an extremely painful massage whilst Browsey laughs. On the flip side, I’ve also been given permission to run on flat surfaces or a treadmill and can use their’s whenever I like. Gotta love it!

So now I am strapped, continuing with the RICE (Rest, Compress, Ice, Elevate) and if I can get my next appointment on Saturday, I’ll be running on the treadmill too! Whilst that may be my idea of hell, needs must and if it gets my ankle fixed in quick order, I’ll do anything!

Feeling really positive about things again.

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