Occupational Hazards

Posted on November 30, 2011 by Chris Baynham-Hughes

What a week can do to a man. After such a good first test on my journey to the DBR at the Brecon Beacons Ultra 45 7 days later I find myself 1.25 miles into a run eating dirt. I’d set off on a 20 miler for the weekend and had left before sunrise so that I’d impact the family less; i.e., Laura would spend less time chasing around after the two boys on her own and I’d get to maximise my time with all three of them whilst they were awake. I did try to run this off for a bit, but decided to retreat for some RICE. So my 20 miles turned into just under 3.


Some of you may be wondering why/ how I thought continuing to run would be a good idea, so I suppose I should explain. tweaking ankles is a bit of an occupational hazard to the fell/ trail runner. Given that most of my training is undertaken in the dark now that winter has set in I regularly find myself rolling my ankle. I’m constantly amazed that after running for a little while the pain goes away and I can just crack on.

I managed exactly the same injury around 11 months ago, although that was to my other ankle (great, now I have two duff ankles!) When under going the physio rehab I found that I could do all the exercises he set with relative ease, but the minute he put his finger into my ankle I would almost jump off the table. It would seem that all this trail and fell running I’d been doing had protected me against a long lay off from running. The uneven surface had developed my proprioception which in layman’s terms means that my muscles fired quickly to correct when I started to bend things too far the wrong way. Still, with this bad boy it’s best to lay off for a bit. I’ve got a stinking cold too so good to get it all out of the way.

I’m targeting my first BGR recce a week on Saturday anyway so fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to run on this. Until then my running life is a combination of bandages, ice, neoprene, latex and a bosu ball. Glamorous eh!

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